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Bulldogs captain Marcus Bontempelli spoke to Seven after the match.

It’s always good to collect the four points, but it’s also good to get a win against the reigning premier.

It is. It was a really important victory for us. Below are some men like Collingwood. There were just guys who needed to step up. We started the game very badly. So I feel a little bit like you came out with two wins. Find a little bit in the first quarter to get back in the game. They could have been further forward. I think that’s what we’ve shown over the last month or six weeks, just hang in there and see what happens. The young people carried the can. Darcy was sensational. Many young people rose up in the absence of the elders.

Jamarra Ugle-Hagan (left) and Sam Darcy of the Bulldogs celebrate.

Jamarra Ugle-Hagan (left) and Sam Darcy of the Bulldogs celebrate.Credit: AFL Photos

You went into beast mode in the fourth quarter, as any good leader does, from Bevo’s perspective, in the three quarters, what was the narrative or what was the message that he was conveying?

Still appears. She even did, not jokingly, but a bit laughingly, at three-quarter time: “I guess last week there were only two guys on the bench, this week we have one more.” He tried to downplay the fact that we could have had more runs than last week and ended the game not too bad. Sometimes you can throw in something like that that releases the tension and just knowing that you’re in the game is nice. In the end we found a way.

How proud you are, as captain, of the resilience of this group. Several guys have been playing a role with the injuries you have, different positions for several of them as well.

Six weeks ago, back against the wall, really. The outside world was collapsing and a way had to be found to inspire each other from within the four walls of the football club. It looks like the last four to six weeks have been steadily increasing from quarter to quarter. It’s really being built. I have to keep showing it. The hardest thing is going back week after week and continuing to basically show your identity and I feel like we’re accomplishing that, which is great.

Like you said, with some new faces there, it’s really promising. You mentioned Sam Darcy. That goal was absolutely sensational. He’s a special young player, but the incident with Maynard was early. He went a little flat after that and what do you say to a young player?

He’s a really strong, competitive young man, you know? I guess that was a little old school: really making him earn it. I think he held his own very well considering. When you have the whole team chasing you, there’s a bit of a fight in that. He was outstanding. He is an incredibly talented kid, but he is a difficult opponent for a long time. He was really good tonight, especially late with that sealer at the end.

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