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Mexican entertainment figure Paty Sirvent generates controversy on social networks with an accusation of plagiarism against NewJeans, linked to the industry… Read more
Paty Sirvent, a prominent figure in the Mexican entertainment scene, recently unleashed a storm on her social media account with a single snapshot. Sharing a side-by-side comparison of iconic images of two girl groups, the revered Jeans and the burgeoning NewJeans, Sirvent cryptically captioned her post with a simple yet evocative phrase: “I love it (I love it).” However, it was her subsequent accusation against NewJeans of plagiarism that really ignited the firestorm. Alongside another post, she boldly proclaimed, “We weren’t that wrong (We weren’t that wrong),” hinting at possible irregularities in NewJeans’ creative process.

The genesis of this controversy dates back to a simmering conflict between industry giants HYBE and ADOR CEO Min Hee-jin. HYBE has expressed suspicion over Min Hee-jin’s alleged attempts to take control of ADOR’s management rights, while Min Hee-jin has fired back, accusing HYBE subsidiary Belift Lab of a blatant imitation of NewJeans by her newly debuted girl group, ILLIT.

The accusation of plagiarism gained traction when Internet users discovered an article by Mexican media outlet El Sigol, published last year, that highlighted striking similarities between Jeans and NewJeans, ranging from costume design to visual concepts. The article’s claim that NewJeans was inspired by the 1990s Mexican girl group set off a chain reaction of debates and discussions within Korean online communities, with opinions divided between those calling out NewJeans for plagiarism and others arguing that the similarities simply amounted to an homage.

The controversy reached a boiling point during CEO Min Hee-jin’s impassioned press conference, where she addressed the plagiarism accusation against ILLIT, commenting, “They copied too much of our production formula” and raising concerns about the label system. HYBE multiples. In a retaliatory move, Belift Lab quickly responded by filing lawsuits against Min Hee-jin, accusing her of obstruction of business and defamation.

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