DA heads to victory in Western Cape with slim majority as AP devours its support base

  • It appears that the DA will retain control of the Western Cape, although it could do so with a slightly reduced majority.
  • The Patriotic Alliance (AP) has shown an increase in its support.
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“We didn’t chase every dog ​​that barked at us.”

That was the DA Western Cape’s recipe for success in these general elections, according to his the provincial leader Tertius Simmers, while several political parties proposed to reduce support for his party.

The Patriotic Alliance (PA), Rise Mzansi and the local Cape Colored Congress were the smaller parties that had set out to snatch votes from the DA to such an extent that DA leader John Steenhuisen labeled them “political mercenaries”.

But by Thursday morning it was clear that the DA was in the lead in its stronghold province.

They garnered 446,712 votes, giving him 52% of the vote Thursday night.

Simmers said they were successful because they ran a focused campaign and “didn’t chase all the dogs that barked at us, and there were quite a few.

“But also, you know, (we gave) an offer to the Western Cape electorate, which is solid and realistic. “We are a government party and we could show the programs that we can expand further once we return to government, which we will do “Simmers said.

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Simmers said his message and record of good governance had trickled down to voters.

“We engaged with them at their level because many of the opposition parties that were uniting against the DA actually made (the DA) their enemy, (but) our record in this province and also nationally speaks of a party that is maintained for all the people,” he stated.

Additionally, he said the district attorney does not speak “without words” to voters.

“If we compare what we have done in the previous 15 years of government, we have shown that we are capable of showing alternative government solutions, alternative policy implementation solutions and that we can change the lives of our people,” he said.

Simmers said his messages on innovation, energy, jobs and fighting for devolution of policing and rail functions have been well received.

Meanwhile, the AP made significant strides in supporting the DA in the black community and proved a fierce opponent in the Western Cape.

At 9:00 p.m. on Thursday, the match was already the third largest match in the province, with 81,695 votes (9.57%).

Nationally, he obtained 3.46% of the votes (150,588), the fifth highest number of votes.

Despite being a decade old, the Palestinian Authority remained on the sidelines of South African politics until the 2021 local government elections.

Even then, his support nationally was below 1%.

His strongest result came in the Western Cape in that election, taking 2.36% of the vote.

In the previous national and provincial elections in 2019, the PA only received 652 votes in the Western Cape, just 0.03%.

Cheslyn Steenberg, PA Cape metro secretary, said party leader Gayton McKenzie’s leadership had been instrumental in the party’s growth.

“He is a man who understands the language that people speak.

“But more so I think (the party has attracted support because of) the manifesto that we have put on the table, that is, the Abahambe campaign, which targets illegal aliens and what we are going to do about it in particular, focusing also in jobs and business stimulus,” said Steenberg.

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He added that the PA’s stance on crime and the reintroduction of the death penalty resonated with many South Africans.

Earlier this month, the PA won two districts, one from the DA and one from the ANC, in the province.

In Oudtshoorn, the Palestinian Authority won an electoral district by 1,279 votes (65.4%). A recount of 853 votes (40.18%) secured the other district in Swartland Township.

Another small political party that caused problems for the DA in the Western Cape was the Cape Colored Congress (CCC).

The party, which has been labeled a colored nationalist party, ranked among the top five parties in the Western Cape on Thursday night.

It outperformed experienced parties such as Freedom Front Plus and ACDP, both represented in the National Assembly and the Western Cape legislature.

CCC leader Fadiel Adams said they were not paying attention to what other political parties were saying.

“We used to be a Facebook page. We’re still doing what we love to do. You know, I’m looking at the board here and his (McKenzie’s) party is worth millions (of rands) and we had R20 000. Our campaign is direct and our campaign is in our daily work. We didn’t come here three months before the election,” Adams said.

He said the CCC had been working in the communities for the past three years.

ANC provincial spokesperson Khalid Sayed said while the party faced several challenges, there were several positives.

“We are definitely going to get much more than the percentage of votes from 2019. We are sure of that,” he said.

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