Analysis, engineering and design are skills Singapore employers are looking for for entry-level jobs

SINGAPORE: A new LinkedIn report has shed light on the skills most sought after by fresh graduates entering the workforce, revealing that analysis, engineering and design are the top skills required for entry-level positions in the labor market from Singapore.

According to the Career Start 2024 report, government administration is the fastest-growing industry for young professionals with a bachelor’s degree. Other major industries that are actively hiring new graduates include education, accommodation and food services, hospitals and healthcare, and financial services. The data indicated strong demand in these sectors, presenting numerous opportunities for those entering the job market.

For those who have a master’s degree, the report suggests that government administration and financial services are particularly promising fields. These sectors not only offer ample opportunities but also value the advanced skills and knowledge that come with higher education.

When it comes to specific roles, the report revealed that graduates with a bachelor’s degree can consider several key positions. Positions such as software engineer, marketing executive, and audit assistant are in high demand. Additionally, an increasing number of master’s graduates are landing positions as software engineers and teachers, reflecting a trend toward more specialized and technical roles.

In a notable shift from the pandemic-era work environment, the report noted that the vast majority of local entry-level positions now require employees to work on-site. Only 12.8% of these positions offer remote or hybrid work options, indicating a strong preference for in-person work environments among local employers.

For recent graduates and job seekers, these insights provide valuable guidance. Focusing on developing skills in analysis, engineering and design can significantly improve employability in today’s job market. Additionally, understanding the industries and roles that are growing can help job seekers target their applications more effectively.


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