Bawumia attributes Ghana’s peace to religious tolerance during visit to Volta Region

Addressing a gathering of clerics and women in the Volta Region, Dr. Alhaji Bawumia, presidential candidate of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the upcoming general elections, attributed Ghana’s lasting peace to the strong foundation of tolerance religious of the nation.

During his one-day campaign tour in Ho, the regional capital, Dr. Bawumia expressed deep gratitude to religious leaders for their crucial role in maintaining harmony and unity in Ghana. “Without the religious tolerance of the clergymen and clerics of this country, there would be no peace,” he stated, emphasizing the indispensable contributions of these spiritual leaders to the stability of the nation.

The interaction was a pivotal moment in Dr Bawumia’s campaign, highlighting his commitment to engaging with diverse communities and recognizing the vital role of religious harmony in national development.

He commended the clergy for their continued prayers and efforts for peace and progress, recognizing their unwavering support as the cornerstone of Ghana’s social cohesion.

Dr. Bawumia also took the opportunity to ask the clergy to pray for his presidential bid, expressing his aspiration to lead the country towards greater development. “I ask for your prayers as I seek to become president of this country. Together, we can bring more development and prosperity to our beloved nation,” he urged.

Highlighting his track record, Dr. Bawumia highlighted the important interventions he has championed such as the digitalization of services and the implementation of the Ghana Card.

He noted that these initiatives have been instrumental in driving Ghana’s progress, improving efficiency and improving access to essential services for all citizens.

The Ghana Card, a biometric identification system, has been a transformative project under the leadership of Dr. Bawumia. Its goal is to optimize government services, reduce fraud and improve security. “Digitalization efforts, including the Ghana Card, have put us on the path to a modern, efficient and transparent society,” he noted, underlining his vision of a technologically advanced Ghana.

Enthusiastic receptions and meaningful dialogues with various community leaders marked Dr. Bawumia’s visit to the Volta Region. His message of unity, peace and progress resonated deeply with attendees, reflecting the widespread desire for continued stability and development.

In addition to focusing on religious tolerance, Dr. Bawumia addressed other pressing issues during his tour. He discussed his plans for economic growth, job creation and improving health care and education. His comprehensive approach aims to address the multifaceted challenges facing Ghana, ensuring a comprehensive development agenda that benefits all citizens.

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