Police officers leave station citing goblin attacks – The Zimbabwe Mail

The Gwambe police base in Bulilima, Matabeleland South, was abandoned by officers who claimed they were terrorized by goblins at night.

District 2 councilor Mabed Ngulani confirmed the unusual situation. “We built a police station for the officers and, at first, they patrolled in pairs,” Ngulani explained. “However, they have not been able to stay for long periods.”

According to Cllr Ngulani, male officers reported being terrorized by goblins at night. “They described being harassed: bodies being raped, doors opening by themselves and things climbing on the ceiling, which prevented them from sleeping,” he said.

A meeting was held last week with Plumtree village chiefs and police officers. “Plumtree police removed the officers from Gwambe, stating they would not put them in further danger,” Cllr Ngulani said.

The local chief also reportedly addressed the situation and warned villagers against such behaviour.

“The police came yesterday and said we should look for alternative accommodation, but there is no accommodation at Gwambe school and they will use the clinic as an office. We have no accommodation but we asked them to return and we see if the attacks will continue,” explained Cllr Ngulani.

Matabeleland South police spokesperson Inspector Loveness Mangena said she was not aware of the matter.

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