The State is committed to addressing youth unemployment

The Government is putting in place strong measures to address youth unemployment in the country, President William Ruto has assured.

The President said the government is investing in vocational education to equip young people with market-ready knowledge, skills and competencies.

He further said that the Government is setting up ICT centers across the country to expose youth to lucrative digital jobs that are already transforming the lives of many.

He said the government is also negotiating for more jobs abroad under the labor export programme.

Ruto made the remarks on Thursday when he officially opened the Webuye West Vocational and Technical School and ICT Center in Machakha, Bungoma.

In January, Ruto said all leaders must work together to create jobs for youth who do not have a source of livelihood.

He said that those in leadership positions and those who have jobs are in those positions not because they are special but because of luck.

He insisted that it is important that they think about those who lose their jobs while serving.

“Kenya’s leaders, whether they are in the judiciary, the legislature or the executive, we must all work together knowing full well that it is a privilege for us to serve. We are no better than those who do not have the jobs we have “Ruto said.

“We are simply lucky and it is important for us to think about the millions of children and young people who have gone to school, have certificates, diplomas and degrees, but do not have jobs.”

He was speaking during the inauguration of the Mukiria TTI registration block and engineering workshop and the launch of the TVET virtual desktop infrastructure project, Meru County.

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