Teasing, whistling and genital grabbing: Judge dismayed by Cape Town ‘BishBosch’ school rivalry

Diocesan College of Bishops.  (Marvin Charles/Noticias24)

Diocesan College of Bishops. (Marvin Charles/Noticias24)

After seven days of hearing evidence about the intense rivalry between the sports teams of Bishops Diocesan College and Rondebosch Boys’ High School, in a R645 000 damages claim following a water polo fight, Western High Court judge Cape, Judith Cloete, put down her pen and stared. in court dismayed.

He had heard evidence of goading, taunting, catcalling, trash talking, genital grabbing and the punch that knocked out teeth at the center of the civil trial involving Cape Town’s two legacy schools.

Cloete said she had heard it was “little boy hormones” and “it happens,” but that puzzled her.

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