India tops UN peacekeeping contributions in 2023, global deployment shrinks 13%

Last year, India maintained its tradition as one of the largest contributors to UN peacekeeping operations by deploying the largest number of troops in the force.

The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) published its report titled ‘Multilateral peace operations in 2023; Developments and Trends’ this week.

According to the report, India sent 5,901 troops to various peacekeeping missions across the world, which is the largest deployment among contributing nations. Nepal closely followed India and sent 5,878 soldiers on similar missions.

Bangladesh and Pakistan, two of India’s South Asian neighbors, emerged as important contributors to UN peacekeeping operations. Bangladesh secured the fourth position by deploying 5,393 troops, while seventh-ranked Pakistan sent 4,299 troops on various peacekeeping missions.

According to the report, three broad trends observed in 2022 persisted and intensified in multilateral peace operations throughout 2023. These trends included the increasing impact of geopolitical rivalries, rising tensions in relations between operations of peace and its host nations, and the increasing regionalization of peace. operations.

In total, in 2023 there were 63 active multilateral peace operations spread across 37 countries or territories around the world, which represents a slight decrease from the previous year. Sub-Saharan Africa experienced the largest number of UN peacekeeping operations, with 24 missions deployed, reflecting the region’s ongoing struggles against violence and conflict.

The report highlighted the start of new peacekeeping operations in countries such as Armenia, Moldova and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

The EU Partnership Mission in the Republic of Moldova (EUPM Moldova) was formally established on April 24 last year in response to a request from the Moldovan government, prompted by Russia’s ongoing aggression in Ukraine.

According to the report, Moldova has faced security challenges such as an influx of refugees, an energy crisis and violations of its airspace by Russian missiles.

The Southern African Development Community (SADC) mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (SAMIDRC) was inaugurated on May 8, 2023, with the aim of assisting the Congolese army in the fight against armed groups in the region eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Established on January 23 last year, the European Union Mission in Armenia (EUMA) replaced the EU Monitoring Capability in Armenia 2022 (EUMCAP). The objective of the mission is to “observe and report on the security situation on the Armenian side of the international border with Azerbaijan.”

In addition, peacekeeping operations were concluded in countries such as Mali, Sudan and the Central African Republic (CAR).

Image source: The Print

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