You can now get Malaysia’s viral ‘bird’s nest’ roti canai in Singapore

Move over the plaster prata: hello bird’s nest roti canai.

Also known as roti canai sarang burung (“bird’s nest roti canai” in Malay) in Malaysia, this super photogenic variety of prata/canai has gone viral across the border, but is quite uncommon in Singapore.

Mihrimah Restaurant, a Malaysian-owned and Muslim-friendly restaurant on North Bridge Road, serves this dish. Here, the pretty canai is called Roti Ikhwan (ikhwan means “brothers” in Arabic) and sells for S$3 a piece.


Roti ikhwan, or bird’s nest roti canai, comprises flatbread topped with two soft-yolk-side-up eggs, cracked right in the center, somewhat like a “nest” with two “chicks.”

While Malaysian roti canai and Singaporean roti prata are almost identical, there are subtle differences. Generally speaking, canai is largely softer and flakier, with more layers, while prata tends to be a little thinner, crunchier, and some say sweeter. Roti canai is also often served with curry and sambal.

Mihrimah uses what they say is a roti canai recipe similar to the local prata, but served with curry and sambal.

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