Shocking Leaked Recording of Lee Da In’s Father Confirms Lee Seung Gi Fans’ Worst Fears

Many of Lee Seung Gi’s fans were against the couple’s union.

GI Seung LeeThe father-in-law is under fire after being recorded telling his creditor that he would try to get money from the singer.

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On May 23, MBC’s investigative news program, Silhwatamsadae, released a damning recording. In the recording, when asked to pay his debts, Lim Yeong Gyu, the father of Lee Seung Gi’s wife, Lee Da InHe can be heard telling the creditor that Lee Seung Gi could be the one to pay his debts.

Lee Seung Gi could be the one to take care of this (debt). I’m more comfortable with that.

-Lim Yeong Gyu

The recording continues with Lim Yeong Gyu explicitly saying that he planned to receive money from Lee Seung Gi.

I heard (redacted actor) tell him. That’s why I need to take money from that bastard (Lee Seung Gi).

-Lim Yeong Gyu

The shocking news is what many of Lee Seung Gi’s fans feared for the star when he announced his marriage to Lee Da In. Lee Da In’s parents are famous in Korea for being involved in some of the worst financial fraud crimes in the country’s history, and Lee Da In’s stepfather had already served prison time for fraud.

Stay tuned for updates.

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