Martin Amidu’s accusation against Kissi Agyebeng does not hold water – Edem Senanu

The Co-Chairman of the Citizens Movement Against Corruption, Edem Senanu, has stated that allegations leveled by former Special Prosecutor Martin Amidu against the current Special Prosecutor, Kissi Agyebeng, over procurement violations do not hold water.

According to him, after reviewing the laws supporting the Special Prosecutor, there is no evidence to support Mr. Amidu’s claims.

speaking in The pulse of JoyNews On Wednesday, May 22, Senanu said: “In fact, when looking at each of them, the foundations of the evidence and the issues do not hold up as far as I am concerned.

“From the personnel issue, if you look at the law (article 16(3) says that the board will advise the Special Prosecutor on the recruitment and selection of senior staff and the secretary), the law behind the Special Prosecutor is such “If we reflect, there is nothing that has gone wrong,” Senanu said.

His comments follow Mr Amidu’s plea to President Akufo-Addo to remove Special Prosecutor Kissi Agyebeng from office.

The petition, issued on April 30, 2024, was subsequently transmitted to the President of the Supreme Court, Gertrude Torkonoo, on May 6, 2024.

Amidu alleged non-compliance in the purchase of vehicles for the Special Prosecutor’s Office (OSP) and abuses involving judges and the administration of justice.

Other allegations included violations of citizens’ rights through arrests and detentions, violations of the right to information, and inappropriate appointments of personnel to the office.

The President has referred the petition to the Chief Justice, who has yet to make a prima facie determination.

Senanu argued that the vehicle procurement process at the OSP went through proper channels, including a request to the public procurement authority.

He criticized Amidu for writing on procurement issues without providing evidence.

“Each of them, when we analyze their merits, there is a difficulty, so it is up to the President of the Supreme Court to decide. But, strictly speaking, I understand why we had difficulties with him.

“He (Martin Amidu) clearly had a certain understanding of the interpretation of the law, which is why we were not seeing progress. Now we have a new person whose interpretation is more progressive, has more purpose and what he is doing is a different opinion on the interpretation and you believe that based on that, the person should be charged. That is not the case,” Senanu added.

Senanu stressed that the former Special Prosecutor cannot simply call for impeachment based on different legal interpretations, especially when the correct interpretation of the law has not been ruled on.

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