Chinese tourist vanishes in Australia after leaving tour group

Police are asking for the public’s assistance after a Chinese national appears to have disappeared while traveling in Australia. Despite telling others she was due to return to China, she has not been seen or heard from her in seven months.

Missing woman Jianming Xia, 58, has disappeared without a trace, according to Queensland Police, despite “extensive” efforts to locate her.

The woman was part of a tour group visiting the Gold Coast and was last seen in Surfers Paradise on October 18, police said in a statement on Tuesday.

According to authorities, she told an associate that she was leaving the tour group and intended to return to her home country in November. However there is no sign Jianming has actually returned to China.

Police said she left her suitcase at a hotel where she was staying on View Street, and it’s believed she took a bright yellow handbag with her. The middle-aged woman is described as being of Asian appearance with a medium build and brown hair.

Police are appealing to Jianming, or anyone with information about his whereabouts, to come forward.

The strange disappearance comes around the same time that four Vietnamese teenagers went missing over the course of a month while on exchange in South Australia.

They each disappeared at different times with the latest, 17-year-old Sonnie Nguyen, having her phone disconnected and her social media accounts wiped.

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