Helldivers 2 Developers Want to Be the Next FromSoftware – IGN Daily Fix

In today’s Daily Fix: The first Helldivers came to PC and PlayStation consoles (and Vita!) in 2015, but it was Helldivers 2 that put developer Arrowhead Game Studios on the map. Following the huge success of the sequel, Arrowhead now has big ambitions and aims to be the next Blizzard Entertainment or FromSoftware. Via, creative director Johan Pilestedt said that he wants to “see how high we can fly” and the studio has the potential to be the next Blizzard. In other news, gameplay of Valve’s new hero shooter, now called Deadlock, has now been leaked. The game works like Valve’s MOBA, Dota 2, but has tower defense mechanics and an Overwatch vibe. And finally, Nintendo Switch will receive a new exclusive in the form of Picross S Namco Legendary Edition, available on May 30 via eShop. Don’t sleep on these games, they are amazing.

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