A gang of pickpockets causes chaos on a Dublin bus when a pensioner is allegedly robbed of jewelery worth €80,000

A gang of pickpockets is causing chaos on Dublin bus routes across the capital and recently robbed a pensioner of diamond rings worth €80,000.

Dublin Bus drivers say they are increasingly frustrated by what they say is a lack of response from management and gardai to a series of recent pickpocket incidents by the same gang.

Bus drivers described how they have reported on multiple occasions a gang of pickpockets, who usually board their buses from Dublin’s Dorset Street, but the group apparently still get away with it.

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And recently, on May 9, a pensioner was stunned when clever pickpockets stole an envelope full of diamond rings he was delivering on behalf of a jewelry company.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, the old man’s son told us: “He is totally shocked by this and never saw it coming.

“He got on the 16 bus on D’Olier Street on a Thursday and it was full, so he was standing when all of a sudden this woman fell on top of him.

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