The team is hunting loose lionesses in Rongai

The Kenya Wildlife Society has sent a special team to hunt down a lioness seen in a residential area in the Nazarene area of ​​Ongata Rongai.

KWS spokesperson Paul Jinaro said in a statement. The Human-Wildlife Conflict (HWC) team is chasing the dangerous big cat which was captured on CCTV scaling a perimeter wall at a private residence before fleeing with a pedigree dog.

He said the incident occurred Wednesday morning. The CCTV footage was widely circulated on social media.

Jinaro, however, said that The lioness was not close to the incident, but it is suspected that she may have had cubs hidden in a different location.

“KWS is reassuring area residents that the HWC team is still patrolling the locality, supported by the more experienced Problem Animal Management Unit (PAMU),” he said.

KWS spokesperson He said that during heavy rains, herbivores migrate through the unfenced southern part of Nairobi National Park.

He said the animals migrate to and around larger human settlements such as Rongai, Kitengela, Athi-Kapiti and Kajiado.

This is due to waterlogged land and tall grass that serve as hiding places for predators, Jinaro explained.

He added that carnivores also migrate in search of herbivores, which are the main food source for lions, leopards and hyenas.

“This movement of carnivores leads to unfortunate incidents, such as the unfortunate predation of domestic dogs, as seen on CCTV footage,” he said.

According to KWS, more than 80 percent of the Nairobi National Park perimeter is fenced, making much of Nairobi safe from wildlife attacks.

The Service said the ongoing rains have caused significant displacement of wildlife, creating the risk of unexpected encounters in wildlife-prone community areas.

Jinaro advised residents in areas prone to wildlife dispersal to exercise caution, especially at night.

He further appealed to Kenyans to be wary of misinformation or “fake news” such as that seen in recent incidents where lions were allegedly sighted near the Nairobi Women’s Prison on Lang’ata Road.

Jinaro said teams were urgently dispatched to the areas and patrolled overnight, but the reports turned out to be false.

KWS called on Kenyans to immediately report HWC incidents in detail to its 24/7 toll-free line 0800 597 000.

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