Nazis killed more people on the Channel Islands than previously recorded

People of around 30 nationalities were sent to Alderney, including Russians, Ukrainians, French, Dutch and British.

The report found there were about 20 sites across the island, including four main camps.

However, he said there was no evidence that many thousands of people died in Alderney, despite speculation.

“Claims that Alderney constituted a ‘mini-Auschwitz’ are completely unfounded,” the report said.

Lord Pickles wrote: “As the UK special envoy for post-Holocaust issues, I have come across many discussions about figures.

“Nothing compares to the vitriol or personal nature of the discussions about numbers in Alderney.

“At a time when parts of Europe are trying to clean up their history through the Holocaust, the British Isles must tell the unvarnished truth.”

And he added: “Numbers do matter. It is both a distortion of the Holocaust to exaggerate the number of deaths and to underestimate them.

“The exaggeration favors Holocaust deniers and undermines the six million dead.”

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