BBC apologizes to KBS for serious mistake in ‘Burning Sun’ documentary

bbc issued an apology to K.B. for a serious error in the ‘burning sun‘documentary film.

On May 22, the BBC officially apologized and made corrections to its documentary ‘Burning Sun’ after finding errors related to the Korean broadcast network KBS. According to an official statement from KBS, the BBC admitted the errors and issued a formal apology and removed the problematic content from the documentary, in addition to disclosing the corrections publicly on its platforms.

The BBC reportedly said: “We sincerely apologize to KBS. This incident was a mistake caused by an unintentional misunderstanding.” KBS also stated, “We want to make it clear that this error was made by the BBC, not by the journalist interviewed.”

As previously reported, KBS issued a statement through lawyers denying allegations that the network pressured victims of Jung Joon Youngillegal sex videos so that they would withdraw their complaints against them. KBS lawyers stated, “The journalist who appeared in the BBC documentary ‘Burning Sun’ claimed that KBS lawyers contacted and pressured Jung Joon Young’s victims. These claims are false and baseless. When victims say they were afraid after a lawyer advised them that they could face legal consequences if their evidence was insufficient after the BBC narrates that KBS lawyers contacted the victims, we would like to make it clear that the lawyers were the representatives of the victims.

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