High Court postpones ruling on Neville Mutsvangwa’s bail plea

High Court postpones ruling on Neville Mutsvangwa’s bail plea

Neville Mutsvangwa, son of Zanu PF spokesperson Chris Mutsvangwa and Women’s Affairs Minister Monica Mutsvangwa, will spend a couple more days in custody.

This comes after the High Court postponed the decision on his bail application.

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Neville Mutsvangwa arrest and charges

Neville Mutsvangwa was arrested on May 8, 2024 after police raided his residence in Mt. Pleasant.

Neville’s co-accused, Simbarashe Tichingana and Ellis Majachana, were also detained by police. Tichingana was arrested after visiting Neville’s home under the pretense of being a concerned neighbor. On the other hand, Majachani was arrested at Mumba Money, a business owned by Neville.

High Court postpones ruling on Neville Mutsvangwa's bail plea
High Court postpones ruling on Neville Mutsvangwa’s bail bid (Image credit: Instagram @263 Chat)

Neville Mutsvangwa was charged with illegal currency trafficking, money laundering and possession of a Starlink kit.

High Court postpones ruling on Mutsvangwa’s bail bid

Neville Mutsvangwa appeared in court today for his bail application hearing.

However, the High Court postponed Neville Mutsvangwa’s ruling on his bail appeal until May 27, 2024.

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Magistrate cites flight risk concerns in denying Neville Mutsvangwa bail

Neville Mutsvangwa’s initial bail bid was rejected last Monday by Harare magistrate Dennis Mangosi. In denying bail, Magistrate Mangosi acknowledged the state’s arguments that Neville presents a flight risk.

In the event of a flight, the State must consider the risks of flight.

“The police went to Mumba Money and confiscated some devices and items where there is evidence of transfer of funds and in his defense the first accused (Neville) says that he has free funds and that he can buy personnel for people who in turn pay him” .

The magistrate also noted that when police went to arrest Neville, they had to break through his electric fence and search for him, only to find him hiding from the authorities.

Furthermore, given Neville’s status as the son of a government minister, the court agreed that he has the connections and resources to potentially flee the country and evade prosecution.

For these reasons, Magistrate Mangosi concluded that Neville Mutsvangwa represents a substantial flight risk and therefore his initial bail application was rejected.

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