Tanzania: Kariakoo traders are protected

The government has assured traders at the Kariakoo Market that the construction of the East African Market Zone in the Ubungo area of ​​Dar es Salaam will not have any negative impact on their businesses.

The Minister of Commerce and Industry, Dr. Ashatu Kijaji, assured here on Tuesday that the government has done its homework to ensure that Kariakoo market traders are not affected by the EAC market area.

She gave that assurance during the parliamentary seminar for the performance report of the Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) and the Business Registration Licensing Agency (BRELA).

He said they have held several meetings on the matter saying that the Ubungo Plaza market aims to bring the Chinese market closer to Tanzanian traders and reduce travel and shipping costs.

“In Ubungo there will be 2,002 shops, as opposed to 40,000 in Kariakoo market, but we are still working on it,” Dr Kijaji told MPs.

However, he said, they are working closely with the regional administration and the local government ministry that issued the license for the EAC market to obtain the details of the contracts and chalk out the best modalities for the best interest of the Kariakoo market traders.

Responding to calls for work permits for some foreigners to carry out work done by Tanzanians, the minister said they are working with the labor department to ensure that rules and regulations are followed.

The move, he said, arose after complaints that some Chinese traders are conducting business against their work permits.