William Ruto and Eddie Butita talk about the opening of Tyler Perry-type studios in Kenya: “Itabidi”

  • President William Ruto and filmmaker Eddie Butita visited Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, Georgia, for a luncheon.
  • President Ruto was impressed by the extensive studies and hinted at the possibility of establishing a similar facility in Kenya.
  • Netizens were impressed by Ruto and Butita’s relationship as the couple engaged in a lively conversation about the project.

President William Ruto and filmmaker Eddie Butita are having a great time in the United States as they work together to boost Kenya’s film industry.

Eddie Butita and William Ruto meet Steve Harvey (left).  Butita and Ruto talk about the Tyler Perry studios (right).
President William Ruto has hinted at setting up studios similar to Tyler Perry Studios in Kenya. Photo: Eddie Butita.
Source: Twitter

The couple, First Lady Rachel Ruto, and several delegates visited the Tyler Perry Studios (TPS) in Atlanta for a luncheon.

About Tyler Perry Studios

The TPS, founded by actor and filmmaker Tyler Perry in 2006, is a major film production center in the United States.

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It occupies an impressive 330 acres of land in Atlanta.

The facility features forty buildings, twelve purpose-built state-of-the-art sound stages, 200 acres of green space, and diverse terrain.

William Ruto’s thoughts on Tyler Perry Studios

A clip shared on Butita’s Page X showed the creative and President Ruto touring the spacious grounds.

During his tour, President Ruto expressed his admiration for TPS’s state-of-the-art facilities.

He commented that having studios like these in Kenya would be an important step forward for the local film industry.

Butita agreed with him and said that they should establish plans to build such studios in Kenya.

“Uko area, sasa tutatengeneza studio kubwa ka hii huko Kenya lini?” he asked the comedian.

“Itabidi soon, in one or two years,” Butita responded.

The filmmaker then engaged in a tête-à-tête, apparently over the idea of ​​the studio, as he was seen moving towards the expansive grounds from time to time.

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Reactions to Ruto and Butita’s conversation

The clip of President Ruto and Butita’s studio visit delighted netizens, who praised Butita’s vision. has compiled some comments below:


“This is a victory.”


“A boy from Kariobangi who dared to dream is now living his dream. “


“A victory is a victory, buana!”


“Mlisema huku mchape kiswahili tu.”


“Butita is winning!”


“Watu wanaambiwa wasonge nyuma, but Eddie anatembea na Rais. Eish, boy, which side do you face while you pray?


“Well done, @eddiebutita. You must be the best to capture the president’s attention so much. You are an inspiration to me.”


“That was great, bro. “We are happy to see the achievement of our colleagues.”


“Manze, it’s your time to shine. Shine brighter, ata kwa winengine pia!”


“I hope to see you in one of his movies. His movies are good.”

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“That’s a victory, Butita!”

Actress Kate kills at the Tyler Perry studios

Actress Kate showed off her incredible fashion sense during her visit to the TPS alongside President Ruto and Butita.

Stepping out in a striking suit ensemble, actress Kate deviated from her usual fashion choices and opted for a mix of formal and casual attire.

A video and several photos on her Instagram revealed an elegant skirt suit with a purple coat adorned with what looked like mermaid scale fabric.

The coat’s ruffled sleeves made from kitenge fabric complemented its short kitenge skirt, creating a stunning fusion of textures, colors and styles.


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