CNA explains: How to obtain a vehicle entry permit before driving to Malaysia

The tag is linked to the user’s Touch N’ Go eWallet account.

It is valid for five years from the day the label is activated.

It is worth noting that foreign vehicles can remain in Malaysia for up to 90 days at a time.

The VEP system will provide the police with a more accurate database to monitor foreign vehicles committing traffic violations in the country, Tengku Ahmad Marwan Tengku Mahmud, road safety affiliate of the Malaysian Road Safety Research Institute, told ACI Press. (I look).

“It will give authorities a more complete record to verify whether vehicles entering or leaving the country have outstanding traffic citations or any records of traffic violations,” he said.

“By increasing law enforcement, traffic accidents in Malaysia are expected to reduce,” he added.

I have purchased a new vehicle. Is the VEP transferable?

No, the VEP RFID tag is unique for each vehicle and is not transferable. You will need to register for a new RFID tag if you purchase a new vehicle.

When ownership of a vehicle is transferred to another person, the tag is no longer valid.

The responsibility for updating the ownership status on the VEP portal falls to the previous owner, or risk fines for any traffic violations committed by the new owner. The new vehicle owner is responsible for requesting a new RFID tag.

What happens if the label is damaged?

If the VEP tag is stolen, lost or damaged in an accident, you will need to update the status of your vehicle on the online portal and submit a copy of the police incident report to the Department of Road Transport when you pick up the new VEP RFID tag. . An administration fee will be imposed.

If your VEP label is defective, a replacement will be provided to you free of charge. This does not apply to labels that have been removed or tampered with; In these cases, drivers will be charged a fee for a new tag.

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