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Of promise and posterity…

By Dr. Raymond Chamba | It is difficult, almost impossible, for any local leader to truly have a heart for Zimbabwe if he is not a Zimbabwean. This is simply a fact. One must harbor a deep disdain for the people to achieve this feat of committed, sustained and structured repression.

All these grand and elegant policy-making debates are a mockery to the common man and are meaningless when one realizes and understands the satanic indifference of our leaders towards the material circumstances of the common Farai/Farisai. It takes a certain inhumanity to adequately consider the continued, accelerated, man-made destruction of our once beautiful country for the benefit of committed looters, political conspirators and occultists.

All I prophesy is that the next change of government will not be a pleasant television drama, in which old men will be cajoled into signing certain legal documents regarding the transfer of power.

There is no easy sleep or safe sanctuary for today’s evil vandals, no matter how publicly they wax lyrical about indifference and exude an attitude of control and confidence. Political karma is locked, loaded, laser beamed and within quick reach of your heads.

The perpetuation and hyper-acceleration of intransigence points to one thing: the countdown and final reckoning. We are not heading to Venus.

Only the Methodists could capture, sing and guide this understanding more movingly and, consequently, with “muchazowepi kana tsuri yorira…” they would remember and challenge the soul.

Zimbabwe, don’t cry anymore. Zimbabwe, Nyarara Mwanawe. Zimbabwe, usaore moyo saneria. Zimbabwe, God sees, understands and hears your pain. Silence, Zimbabwe, silence, push…

“You will see these Egyptians no more.” – Exodus 14:13


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