NHL officials for 2024 Stanley Cup Playoff Conference Finals

We are left with the last four teams in the Stanley Cup playoffs and the last 16 referees. Here are the NHL referees and linesmen working the conference finals:


Eric Furlatt, Jean Hebert, Steve Kozari, Dan O’Rourke, Garrett Rank, Chris Rooney Francois St. Laurent, and Kelly Sutherland.

Out of Round 2: Francis Charron, Wes McCauley, Kyle Rehman, Graham Skilliter. Referee Frederick L’Ecuyer replaced McCauley in the second round; He won’t advance either.

First timers: Garrett Rank, who advances to the Conference Finals for the first time.

Like teams, NHL officials value playoff experience: Six of the eight referees moving forward have worked in a Stanley Cup Final. Only Garrett Rank and Francois St. Laurent have yet to play in a cup final.

Referee Wes McCauley he made the cut for Round 2, but never worked a game after the Golden Knights/Stars Game 7 in the first round, raising suspicions that he was dealing with an injury. If so, it is clear that the league does not expect him to be able to return anytime soon and opted to sideline him. McCauley has reached the Conference Finals for 12 consecutive seasons, including 10 trips to the Stanley Cup Final, and missed 2021 due to injury.

In three of the second round pairings (O’Rourke/St. Laurent, Rank/Hebert and Furlatt/Sutherland) both referees moved on; We’ll wait to see if those duos remain intact. Kozari and Rooney will get new partners.

line judges

Shandor Alphonso, Steve Barton, Devin Berg, Scott Cherrey, Ryan Daisy, Ryan Gibbons, Matt MacPherson, and Johnny Murray

Out of Round 2: Brandon Gawryletz, Jesse Marquis, Kiel Murchison, James Tobias

First timers: Shandor Alphonso and Devin Berg are refereeing their first Conference Finals. .

Playoff salaries

Referees are paid per round in the postseason, with referees earning $27,000 and linesmen $17,250. Substitute referees earn $1,000 for being on call, with an increase to $2,750 if they enter the game; Line judges receive a $650 check that increases to $1,775 if they take the ice.

As in previous seasons, the league will continue to reduce the number of referees after each round of the playoffs.

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