Tanzania: Permanent voter registration update: Vice President calls for high turnout

Deputy President Dr Philip Mpango has urged Tanzanians to register or update their information on the Permanent Voters Register (PVR) and actively participate in the upcoming elections.

During his visit to Uvinza District in Kigoma Region yesterday, Dr Mpango encouraged citizens to participate in the registration process and contribute their input to the ongoing preparations for the National Development Vision 2050.

“I urge citizens to go out in large numbers to the polls and participate by updating their information and registering on the Permanent Voters’ Register,” Dr Mpango stressed. Tanzania is preparing for local government elections this year and general elections next year.

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) is currently holding meetings with various stakeholders to ensure that the voter information update exercise scheduled for July 20 this year goes smoothly.

Dr Mpango also stressed the importance of education and urged Kigoma residents to prioritise children’s education and monitor their behaviour in schools.

Please read also: “I urge citizens to go to the polls in large numbers and participate by updating their information and registering in the Permanent Registry of Voters,” Dr. Mpango emphasized.

“Education is crucial to developing good leaders and achieving national development,” he added.

In addition, the Vice President directed Uvinza District leaders to oversee the restoration of natural vegetation, emphasizing tree planting and management to achieve environmental goals.

In Kazuramimba, Dr Mpango directed the Ministry of Water to expedite the completion of a local water project by August this year to address the community’s water challenges.

Furthermore, Dr. Mpango handed over five vehicles to District Commissioners (DCs) in Kigoma Region, urging them to use them responsibly to serve the citizens effectively.

He stressed the ethical use of government resources and discouraged their misuse for personal or recreational activities.

During his visit, Dr. Mpango also met with anthropologist and primatologist Ms. Jane Goodall, renowned for her research on chimpanzees at Gombe National Park in Kigoma.

He praised Ms Goodall for her contributions to wildlife conservation and education.

In recognition of her work, the Vice President inaugurated a road named after Ms Goodall, leading from the shores of Lake Kibirizi to Gombe National Park, highlighting her role as a conservation educator.

Dr. Mpango continues his working visit to the Kigoma region, where he inspects development projects and addresses community concerns.

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