“People were screaming”: Passengers recount horror on Qatar Airways flight hit by turbulence

TO Qatar airlines flight from Doha to Dublin encountered serious turbulence, causing great discomfort among passengers and crew. The incident occurred as the aircraft was en route to its destination, causing a chaotic scene on board.
Qatar Airways flight QR017 suffered turbulence this Sunday while flying over Turkey on its way from Doha to Dublin, injuring twelve people on board, according to airport authorities.The plane, a Boeing 787 Dreamliner, managed to land safely on schedule.
Dublin Airport issued a statement saying that “six passengers and six crew” had reported injuries due to turbulence experienced during the flight. Eight of the twelve injured were transported to nearby hospitals for additional medical care and treatment.
According to a Daily Mail report, the turbulence occurred without warning, throwing objects and people around the cabin. “It was the scariest experience of my life,” said one passenger. “People were screaming and it seemed like the plane was falling out of the sky.”
“It was so scary… I’m telling you, I’m in no rush to get back on a plane,” another passenger said.
Flight attendants were also affected by the sudden turbulence, struggling to maintain their balance and assist passengers. “The crew did everything they could to calm everyone down, but it was a very scary situation,” another passenger said.
The incident has raised questions about the predictability and management of turbulence during flights. While modern airplanes are designed to withstand severe turbulence, the experience can still be terrifying for those on board.
Qatar Airways has assured passengers that a thorough investigation will be carried out to understand the causes of the turbulence and prevent similar incidents in the future. The airline also extended its apologies to all passengers affected by the distress caused by the event.
The incident comes five days after a British man died of a suspected heart attack and dozens of people were injured when a Singapore Airlines flight from London hit severe turbulence.
While turbulence-related deaths are rare, injuries have accumulated over the years. Some meteorologists and aviation analysts note that reports of encounters with turbulence have also increased and point to the possible impacts that climate change may have on flying conditions.
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