Teachers plead with government not to abandon school feeding program – Kenya News Agency

The budget proposed by the National Assembly for 2024/25 may result in the absence of beneficiaries of the school feeding program in Turkana.

Turkana County KNUT Secretary Peter Ewaat has criticized the government’s intention to eliminate this program, citing that most schools in semi-arid areas like Turkana depend mainly on food, which sparks their interest in learning.

Ewaat said the herders move in search of pasture and water with their children. Therefore, the Food Program provides students with an avenue to feel comfortable in any learning environment because their basic needs are well taken care of.

According to Ewaat, the elimination of this program may lead to an increase in school dropout cases because most Turkana families have problems providing basic meals to students.

He called on the government, along with other stakeholders, to help fund the program for sustainability of students in schools.

The feeding program in Turkana and other semi-arid areas is very important because it provides adequate conditions for students to complete their studies.

By Ngasike Ezekiel and Peter Gitonga

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