New DOOM game to be revealed at Xbox Games Showcase

A new DOOM game is reportedly coming to current-gen consoles and will likely be revealed during the Xbox Games Showcase in June.

June is the best time of year, at least for video game enthusiasts, as that’s when all the big showcases drop. From Summer Game Fest to the various publisher conferences, there’s a lot to be excited about. Fortunately, even before they are released, new details have emerged about one of the few supposed titles that will be shown. Players who want to take down demons like the Doom Slayer may be in luck. The new game will be shown at the Xbox Games Showcase next month and we have the details below.

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New DOOM game to be revealed at June Xbox Games Showcase

The new DOOM game will be titled DOOM: The Dark Ages and will be released on current generation consoles. It will likely be shown during the Xbox Games Showcase event in June 2024. The details come from Insider Gaming. While at first they may seem like mere rumors, a lot of evidence points to this being true. Over a year ago, Bethesda filed a trademark for “IDKFA.” Coincidentally, the phrase is a famous cheat code in the DOOM series. Therefore, a clue to the potential of a new game. Additionally, Tom Warren reports from The Verge last month, amid layoffs at major Xbox studios including Tango Gameworks, that a new DOOM title is on the way.

The title is interesting as the end of the DOOM Eternal DLC shows DOOM Slayer falling into some sort of coma. Therefore, the story could possibly be a new revival of the DOOM franchise or a direct sequel. Either way, it looks like players will relive the fast-paced action of slaying demons with the newest entry.

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DOOM: The Dark Ages will be multiplatform

A big surprise is that the game will release not only on Xbox Series purchased by Microsoft in 2021. When the acquisition was completed, many believed the titles would be exclusive, with Starfield as an example. However, with this development, it looks like that has changed and Sony gamers will still be able to experience some of their games.

The DOOM series has always been incredibly popular with players and seeing a new entry in the series is always welcome. However, it’s still interesting to see the cross-platform shift. It could indicate that future Bethesda titles, such as Fallout 5 and The Elder Scrolls 6, will also be on PlayStation. However, so far we have no concrete confirmation from Microsoft or Bethesda about these developments.

Recent Xbox games coming to other consoles have been a huge success. Of course, Phil Spencer previously promised to bring even more. Therefore, it would make sense for Bethesda titles to come to PlayStation. What do you think? Do you hope DOOM comes to PlayStation? Let us know in the comments below. For more articles like this, be sure to check out our Guide Hub.

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