Titled players continue to shine at the FISU Mind Sports Chess Championship

The starting players continued to show that they would not be easy to defeat, as four of them collected three points each in the first three rounds at the Imperial Botanical Beach Hotel in Entebbe.

Women’s International Master (WIM) Natalie Kanakova of Czechia, Master Fidel Liwia Jarocka of Poland and the Indian duo of Hagawane Aakanksha and Salonika Saina of WIM earned three points after the first three rounds, as part of the World University Chess Championship FISU Women’s Mental Sports 2024. The tournament continued.

The other Women’s International Masters (WMI), Anna Kubicka of Poland, Aakansha Hagawane and Saina Solanika of India, Natalie Kanakova of Czechia, and Women’s Grand Master (WGM) Julia Antolak and Anna Marie Koubova of Poland had two points at the close of the third round.

Fide Master Gloria Gloria Nansubuga also has two points along with six titled and two non-titled players from different countries. Nansubuga earned her second victory over India’s Birua Junu in the third round.

0 of France has also recorded two points in the first two rounds, having started with a victory over Alsanea Mashael Abdulmohsen Mohammed of Saudi Arabia before falling to Jarocka Liwia of Poland Fidel Master and before recovering to beat Mahajan Mokshada of India in the third round.

“I have two points so far, but I lost a match that I should have won because I was better, but it was a difficult match, but I am happy to have won today,” Djidjeli said.

“I want to finish in the top five, but there are good players, so I will wait and see what happens,” he said.

It’s the same story in the men’s event where the top seven players have titles, including International Master (IM) Szpar Milosz of Poland and Master Fidel Martin Horak of Czechia, who earned three points each.

French IMs Benjamin Defromont and Yovann Gatineau, as well as Slovak Richard Turcan and Poland’s Walter Szymon are in the top six with 2.5 points each.

Uganda’s Mark Nyola Wasswa and Alinda Collins picked up two points each along with seven other players, including two without a title like them; Yazeed Alshnaiber of Saudi Arabia and Selepe Lwazi of South Africa.

Polish Grandmaster Janik Igor also has two points, having won two and lost one. He beat Libyan Abdallah Alfaitori in the first round before losing to Czech Martin Horak and beating Ugandan Richard Kato yesterday.

“Today was good for me but I fought hard to beat South African Gerald Wagner. It was a tough match because we are all experienced players and it was a good battle,” Nyola said on Wednesday.

“I’m just going to keep playing the best I can and hope for the best, that’s my strategy; be solid and play the best you can.”

Raphael Kabuye also added his first point after beating Kenyan Jeremiah Monange on Wednesday.

“I certainly had to win, I rested enough, so it was an incredible match. Now I want to keep winning to finish with at least 4.5 points and at least get a Master Candidate title, this has to be a good comeback,” said Kabuye.

Ugandan Master Candidate and team captain Emmanuel Musasisizi said that even though the team was up against several strong and top-ranked players, each member of the team was performing at their best.

“We can see a lot of improvements in our game and we are learning a lot of things from those who have better qualifications than us,” Musasizi said.

“Yesterday I played a Fidel Master and somehow I lost after holding on well; Maybe I lost energy, but we still have many rounds left so we can give our best and score more points. “We all aim to acquire the titles after this event.”

Bridge Team Uganda-1, consisting of Peterson Ntanzi, Michael Mwesigwa, Andrew Sebuufu and Joseph Genza, maintained seventh place out of 11 after the fourth round with 40.18 victory points. Uganda-3 was ninth, while Uganda-2 was eleventh.

On Wednesday afternoon, Uganda-1 was due to play the United States, while Uganda-2 and Uganda-3 had a date with China and France. The nine-round Chess Blitz tournament was also underway.

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