Incredible footage of ‘rare’ dolphin moment off Aussie coast stuns millions

Incredible footage of a large pod of dolphins surfing a wave and jumping out of the water around a lone surfer has stunned over ten million Aussies.

Videographer Elliot Staddon, 22, had been surfing on the morning of April 27 near Moses Rocks in WA when he decided to “park” himself on top of a sand dune and patiently wait in the hope of capturing something magical.

“I sat there for about three hours waiting for something really cool to happen,” Staddon told Yahoo News Australia. “Then I saw the dolphins swimming across the horizon and they started having a lot of fun.”

In the footage, the pod of 30 dolphins become visible from the water just as a wave begins to gain momentum, with a surfer paddling across the wave attempting to get out the way. He eventually gets swept up and dumped from his board, with two dolphins splashing into the water alongside him.

Staddon couldn’t believe his luck. “For me to capture that rare moment, it put a big smile on my face… I was over the moon,” he said.

He wasn’t the only one delighted by the footage, with millions having a similar reaction since viewing it online.

“Capturing moments like this really make me happy and for people to also really love it makes me even happier,” Staddon said.

Staddon has no idea who the surfer is featured in his video and has been searching for him in hope he can send the footage his way.

“I bet he’s telling all of his mates that he saw all these dolphins swimming around him and no one believes it,” he laughed. “At the end of the day, I just hope he does see it.”

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