How Maurice Kirya found smart ways to make money from fans

Singer Maurice Kirya has stated that he is making a lot of money from the industry through creative ways such as using new technologies and adopting a lifestyle that resonates with his fans.

“I’m a different person when it comes to music planning. I enjoy the way I implement my plans. I treat my fans well and they treat me well in exchange for money. I don’t use the car around town. I’m always walking around the city. streets of Kampala with my headphones on when I go shopping in the city, I usually wear a bodaboda to make my life easier and make my fans feel like we are equals,” Kirya said.

He I have never been loved The singer said that he advertises for the shortest time possible, but his fans come in large numbers.

“I use a very small budget for my shows and make a lot of profit. I do not advertise my concerts by using the media. I keep my fan base in a common social community, where we all communicate and agree on one thing. My shows are always pay a year in advance. My fans pay for the show before it happens. My team and I created a Maurice Kirya fan club, where we have a large WhatsApp group with 2,000 members. Each member pays 250,000 shillings each. year and that money is for the concert. These fans of mine pay in advance while waiting for the concert to take place. In my WhatsApp group, we only have people from my music audience and the membership is 250,000 shillings per person that is paid. Once a year, these people in the group have membership cards, so they don’t pay for my concerts when they happen. My concert tables and tickets are sold within the same group. All of our ads are made in that same group. That makes my job. I move easily with my fans on my phone. You will never see my stress at concerts like other artists do,” Kirya said.

He made the comments in an interview on June 25, 2024.

Kirya boasted that since he joined music, he has performed successful concerts and shows in only the most expensive venues such as Kampala Serena Hotel and Sheraton Kampala Hotel.

Kirya last had a concert at Hotel Kampala Serena in September 2023.

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