Toronto police identify suspect who allegedly hid body in Riverside apartment

Toronto police say a convicted sex offender wanted on a Canada-wide warrant befriended a “vulnerable individual” and hid his body in a Riverside apartment last month.

Rejean Hermel Perron, 52, was identified as the suspect in a Toronto police body investigation on Wednesday, after officers discovered a deceased person in the apartment at Broadview Avenue and Dundas Street East on Sept. 27. May.

Although an autopsy revealed that the deceased died of natural causes, Supt. Kim O’Toole of the 55th Division told reporters that “deliberate measures” were taken to keep the body hidden. He said Perron was forensically linked to the scene and was observed using the deceased’s key fob to visit the apartment.

O’Toole said that before the May 27 discovery, Perron had become friends with the deceased, who was not identified by police, and that the two were frequently seen together.

“Police are deeply concerned that he could continue to exploit vulnerable people as he did in this case,” O’Toole said, adding that investigators believe Perron poses a particular threat to women and members of the LGBTQ2S+ community.

In 2015, Perron was charged and later convicted of kidnapping and sexually assaulting a sex worker.

At the time, police said the victim was held against his will at an east end home for five days before he was able to free himself and run to safety. Police also said there was some “form of ritual actions” involved in the 2015 crime, but did not elaborate.

Perron remains wanted across Canada for violating the conditions of his parole related to that conviction in 2021.

“Until this disturbing incident, there was no sign of Perron for several years. Police are deeply concerned that he could continue to exploit vulnerable people as he did in this case,” O’Toole said.

O’Toole said investigators believe Perron is still in the Toronto area and is known to frequent the east side of downtown.

He is also known to have spent time in Kingston and Chatham-Kent, Ontario.

Police describe Perron as a man about five feet tall, with dark hair, blue eyes, a thin build and a possibly pockmarked face.

He may also be using the aliases Daniel Joseph Christie, Kristy or Krysty, police said.

“We believe people have seen Perron and, in particular, we are seeking help from those people who work with vulnerable people in these communities,” O’Toole said.

This is breaking news. More to come.

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