Prisoner murdered in Ondangua police cells – National

Four inmates at the Ondangwa police holding cells have been charged with murder and violating the course of justice after they allegedly killed another inmate, Kristol Hafeni (27), last week.

Oshana Police Head of Criminal Investigations, Deputy Commissioner Fredrick Ndjadila, confirmed Hafeni’s death.

Ndjadila says Hafeni was killed over a smartphone that was smuggled into the cell.

The accused are: Tangeni Mahomato Nghinamwaami (27), David Kondja-shili (25), Kaulungamenwa Wilbard Natangwe (23) and Tobias Vatilifa Lungameni (26).

The weapon used has not yet been identified, but it is believed to be a sharp object, Ndjadila says.

Hafeni was arrested on May 18 this year on charges of housebreaking and robbery, as well as unauthorized possession of a firearm, Ndjadila says.

“The arguments arose from a smart cell phone that was illegally introduced into the cells, contrary to police management, so it seems that the sharp object entered the cells in the same way,” says Ndjadila.

Ndjadila further says that inmates are discouraged from bringing unauthorized objects, items and contraband into cells as this can often lead to disruptive confrontations.

“The said mobile phone and sharp object were recovered,” says Ndjadila.

In 2019, an inmate was slapped to death by a fellow prisoner in Tsumeb. He fell so hard that he hit his head on the floor after he and another inmate reportedly got into an argument.

In 2017, the Windhoek High Court convicted three inmates of the murder of a fellow convict, Eddy Gomxob, at the Windhoek Correctional Center after a sexual relationship behind bars reportedly went sour.

The three are Herman Rukero (28), Benedictus Afrikaner (31) and Maleachi Seibeb (48).

Gomxob was murdered in a prison bathroom in January 2012.

After the murder, the three also reportedly attempted to hinder the investigation into the incident by ordering other inmates not to reveal what they had witnessed.

Gomxob died as a result of a head injury and multiple stab wounds to the chest.

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