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There has been a renewed call for men to be circumcised as this can reduce the risk of contracting HIV through sex by 60%.

This arose at the Indaba Initiation School in Boksburg, east of Johannesburg.

The three-day meeting seeks ways to make initiation schools safer following deaths of initiates at fake schools.

HIV remains a serious threat in South Africa and men are urged to get circumcised this winter. This is part of the country’s HIV prevention strategy and June is Men’s Health Month.

Sizwe Hlongwa of health NGO Right to Care says it is important for men to get circumcised and they can make use of the services available for free.

“During Men’s Health Month, health NGO Right to Care encourages men to get circumcised. To protect against HIV and STIs. Circumcision helps reduce the sexual transmission of HIV. It is offered free of charge throughout South Africa. You can schedule an appointment at 082 808 6152.”

About eight million people in South Africa are living with HIV, and about 5.7 million are receiving treatment.

Traditional leaders are calling on the CRL Rights Commission to work with international organizations such as UNAIDS.

Some of the issues that continue to be discussed at the Indaba are concerns over deaths and kidnappings.

CRL president David Mosoma says those who kidnap young children must be prosecuted.

“Kidnapping is also a criminal element. Because you are forcing someone to do something against their will. Because you are taking away the choice that a person should have. In deciding to go to a legal school, because you are taking him to an illegal school where he is going to die. Because those people are not trained. “They just don’t know what they’re doing.”

The Indaba will conclude on Thursday.

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