University students in Kisii burn tires and demand dismissal of principal

Those who do engineering stated that they have not done internships since they entered the institute months ago.

“I’ve reached a point where I wonder if I came here to do engineering or secretarial work. How am I going to get out of this place?” she posed.

The students alleged constant harassment and added that the principal was the reason for the deterioration of services at the university.

“There was no graduation. We don’t even know where the money we paid for graduation goes. They only promise us non-existent graduation functions,” said John Omboga, a student.

They burned tires expressing dismay with the director.

Gladys Kerubo, also a student, reported that there are confusing financial records at the institution and added that they are constantly sent home for fees even though they had already settled the arrears.

A senior university official said they are already addressing the issues raised by the students.

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