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London, United Kingdom: The World Travel and Tourism Council’s (WTTC) Economic Impact Research (EIR) 2024 revealed the significant growth of Tanzania’s travel and tourism sector last year, with record numbers of economic contribution and visitor spending.

According to the data, Travel and Tourism contributed TZS 18.6 TN to the national economy, exceeding the previous high of 2019 by 4%, representing 9.5% of the economy, demonstrating the importance of the sector to the economic production.

Visitor spending also reached record levels in 2023: international visitor spending exceeded 8 TN and domestic spending reached 3.7 TN, 11.1% and 12.8% above previous levels. 2019, respectively.

Employment rose to more than 1.4 million, adding more than 97,300 new jobs, but still 7.4% behind the 2019 peak.

Waiting for 2024

According to the global tourism body, this positive trend will continue this year as the sector’s contribution to Tanzania’s national economy is projected to reach TZS 20.3 TN in 2024, representing almost 10% of the economy.

Visitor spending is projected to increase significantly again this year, with international visitor spending projected to reach TZS8.7 trillion, up 8.5% from 2023, while domestic visitor spending is projected to grow to over TZS3.9 trillion.

Employment in Travel and Tourism is expected to reach record levels this year, with the number of jobs expected to grow to more than 1.5 million, highlighting the sector’s role as a major employer in the country.

Julia Simpson, President and CEO of WTTC, said: “Tanzania’s travel and tourism sector is growing from strength to strength, contributing record numbers to the national economy.

“This underlines the crucial role of the sector in driving economic development and job creation, and projections indicate continued growth and increased employment in the coming years.”

10-year forecast

In 2034, Tanzania’s travel and tourism sector is expected to experience substantial growth, reaching TZS 30.9 TN.

The sector is also projected to continue to contribute to job creation, with total employment reaching 2.25 million jobs, adding 710,000 new jobs, employing almost one in every 15 workers in the country.

See all the data in our Tanzania Travel & Tourism Economic Impact Report on the WTTC Research Hub.

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Editor’s Notes
This cutting-edge research was carried out in partnership with Oxford Economics, with information obtained from United Nations Tourism (formerly UNWTO), Oxford Economics and authoritative national databases. All values ​​are expressed in constant 2023 prices and exchange rates, as reported in March 2024, and expressed in Tanzanian shillings (TZS).

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