Petition filed to stop President Ruto from signing the Finance Bill 2024 into law

Petition filed to stop President Ruto from signing the Finance Bill 2024 into law

President William Ruto approves the Revenue Division Bill 2024 and the Supplementary Appropriation Bill 2024. Photo/PCS.

A team of lawyers has filed a petition to stop President William Ruto from passing the controversial 2024 Finance Bill.

In the case, the petitioners argue that there has been “no legal or effective public participation in the Finance Bill 2024 that the National Assembly passed on Tuesday amid violent protests in the country.”

Lawyers Kibe Mungai, Ndegwa Njiru, Fanya Mambo Kinuthia, Peter Koira, Lempaa Suiyianka and the Mt.Kenya Association of Jurists also question the budget-making process for the next financial year, arguing that it was illegal and characterized by “controversy , acrimony and political contestation”.

“Due to the deliberate refusal, negligence and failure of the Finance SC to comply with Article 221(1) of the Constitution, no legal or effective public participation has taken place in the Finance SC Bill. 2024 because the Government is effectively asserting powers to raise additional revenue without a budget authorized by the Constitution,” the court documents read.

The lawyers point out that the Finance SC released the revenue estimates on June 4, 2024 after the Budget Committee of the National Assembly completed the public participation hearing and submitted its report to the National Assembly.

“The budget-making process has been tainted by the involvement and dictation of the political preferences and agenda of foreign governments and corporations led by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which has taken effective control of Kenya’s National Treasury. to the detriment of Kenya’s sovereignty. to the Kenyan people in matters of public finances,” they add.

The petitioners want the Chief Justice to appoint a five-judge panel to hear the matter of national priority.

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