Improving Health Services in Nakuru County through Strategic Collaboration – Nakuru County Government

Written by Ruth Magak

Nakuru County continues to improve its health services through effective collaboration and strategic planning, in line with the manifesto of Excellency Governor Susan Kihika.

A key project in this commitment is the successful implementation of the Kshs. 44 million USAID Tujenge Jamii grant, which has reached 85% completion as of June 2023.

County Health Department leadership, along with the USAID team, held a review meeting today to evaluate project progress and plan for the future. The meeting discussions highlighted both the achievements and challenges faced during the implementation of the Sub-Award.

Governor Susan Kihika, who signed the subaward in June 2023, emphasized the importance of this collaboration in her administration’s agenda. “Providing quality, affordable and timely healthcare is a priority for my administration,” he said during the launch in June 2023, attended by Mr. John Kuehnle, Director of the USAID Kenya Health Office, and the Mrs. Bernadette Wahogo. , Director of Deloitte.

The project aims to strengthen reproductive health and maternal health and address malnutrition in Nakuru County, significantly benefiting mothers, youth and young children.

County Executive Committee for Health member Roselyn Mungai reinforced this view during the review meeting. “Our collaboration with USAID Tujenge Jamii has complemented our efforts to improve health service delivery across Nakuru County. While we have faced challenges, our teams have overcome most of them through strong partnerships and innovative solutions,” she commented.

Several key recommendations emerged from the review meeting to ensure better planning and implementation in the next phase. The county will form financial advisory committees involving both parties and prioritize the next co-creation process for a more integrated approach at both the sub-county and county levels.

Special attention will be paid to integrated supportive supervision at the sub-county level. The teams plan to develop a responsible, accountable, consulted and informed (RACI) matrix at County and Sub-County Health Management Team (SCHMT) level to ensure clear roles and accountability.

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