Hipkins surpasses Luxon in approval ratings

Voters don’t seem convinced about how Christopher Luxon is handling the job of prime minister, according to new 1News Verian poll.

In the poll, Luxon scored an approval rating of -5, while his opponent, Labor leader Chris Hipkins, scored a positive overall approval rating of 13.

However, for Hipkins it is not all plain sailing: despite a positive approval rating, Luxon remains in the lead in the preferred premiership bets.

The grade is calculated by subtracting the fail number from the pass total.

The poll asked 1,002 eligible voters whether they approved or disapproved of Luxon’s handling of the top job.

Those who approved were 40%, while 45% disapproved and 15% did not know or preferred not to say.

The poll also asked whether they approved or disapproved of the way Chris Hipkins was handling his job as leader of the Labor Party.

For Hipkins, 47% approved, 34% disapproved and 20% did not know or preferred not to say.

The approval rating is calculated by subtracting disapprovals from approvals.

Chris Hipkins of the Labor Party and Christopher Luxon of the National

The last time the question was asked in the survey, in September, Premier Hipkins was at -1, while Luxon, then leader of the opposition, was at nine.

The groups most likely to back the prime minister included National Party supporters at 83%.

However, Labor Party supporters were not as sure of Hipkins as supporters of Christopher Luxon’s National Party: 78% of Labor Party supporters approve of how Hipkins is doing his job.

The ‘humility’ difference with Luxon – Hipkins

1News asked MPs on Wednesday morning who they thought was doing a better job and why. Opinions, unsurprisingly, are divided along partisan lines.

Labor MP Shanan Halbert said Luxon was not resonating with voters because he was not “real”.

“The public is starting to realise that. He has broken promises and people expected change, but that is not what they have seen from this Government.

“He has called people ‘C list’, we want to feel confident being New Zealand, we are proud of New Zealanders and we want a prime minister (who) is also proud of us.”

Halbert said Hipkins was “approachable” and “stable.” When asked to describe Luxon, he said “C-lister”, referring to a comment Luxon made about previous New Zealand business delegates during a recent trip to Japan.

Labour’s Jan Tinetti said Hipkins had worked on his ability to converse with the public in informal settings.

Prime Minister Christopher Luxon.

However, Housing Minister Chris Bishop said Luxon was “doing a fantastic job” and was a wonderful Prime Minister.

When asked how he would describe Chris Hipkins, Transport Minister Simeon Brown said he was “weak”.

It was the same word used by Labor’s Reuben Davidson to describe Luxon, while describing Hipkins as “strong”.

ACT’s Mark Cameron said they were both “good guys”.

Preferred PM is a different measure, asking people who they would most like to have in the top job.

Christopher Luxon said he was “not too worried” about the polls and was focused on “solving things in this country.”

Chris Hipkins said it was “early days” and the opposition leader got “a little bit less profile” than the first ministers.

He said Labor had the “important” task of reminding New Zealanders that there were alternatives to the current government, as well as holding the government to account.

Labor leader Chris Hipkins

“I’m not going to oppose things for the sake of opposing them, I will be positive and constructive when there are opportunities to do so.”

Comparing himself to Luxon, Hipkins said he liked to think he brought “some humility to the job” and an ability to listen, something he said was especially important after losing an election.

word on the street

In Petone on Wednesday, not all voters 1News spoke to were enamored of Hipkins.

The small business owner said Luxon’s focus seemed to be more on helping people like her.

“(Luxon) speaks to the point and does not constantly complain or criticize the opposition.”

He said being “more proactive” and saying what he could do to improve things would help increase Hipkins’ likability.

However, another person said Hipkins was “really nice” and “straight to the point.”

“I definitely think Chris Hipkins is doing his job better.”

One man said Hipkins had “made a mess of the country, thrown it away”.

Luxon “had to clean it up” and it was “pretty good.”

“He’ll be there for quite a while, because Labour is pretty much dead now,” he said.

Between June 15 and June 19, 2024, 1,002 eligible voters were surveyed by mobile phone (502) and online, using online panels (500). The maximum sampling error is approximately ±3.1 percentage points at the 95% confidence level. Party support percentages have been rounded up or down to whole numbers, except for those below 4.5%, which are reported to one decimal place. The data has been weighted to align with Stats NZ population counts by age, gender, region, ethnic identification and education level. The mobile phone sample is selected by random dialing using probability sampling, and the online sample is collected using an online panel. Undecided voters, non-voters, and those who refused to respond are excluded from the data on party support. The results are a snapshot in time of party support and not a prediction.

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