Killed or stripped of pants

Mfuleni Police are investigating a murder after the body of a man was found dead in reeds on the corner of Hindle Road and Delft Main Road in Wesbank on Sunday morning.

The victim is believed to have been walking from Delft to the River Eerste when she was murdered and her pants and shoes stolen.

Police spokesperson Warrant Officer Joseph Swartbooi says the motive for the attack is unknown.

He says Mfuleni police found the victim with a stab wound to the neck.

Forum: Edith van Wyk. Photo: from facebook

“The victim was pronounced deceased at the scene by medical personnel. “The unknown suspect fled the scene and has not yet been arrested.”

Edith Van Wyk, chairwoman of the Sector 3 Crime Forum in Wesbank, says the victim was allegedly found half naked, with no shoes or trousers.

“He is a Muslim from the Eerste River, they have found his family and his janaazah is today (Tuesday). This is the third body that appears murdered close to each other in recent months with the same modus operandi where the deceased are half naked and barefoot.

“That is a critical point of crime. The body was half hidden in the reeds near the canal. “We believe he was walking because there was no information about a kidnapping or that he was driving, so we believe he was walking toward his house on the Eerste River.”

The family of the deceased could not be located.

Saps is appealing to anyone with information about the murder to call Crime Stop on 08600 10111.

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