Chivido 2024: GH Hyper Rocks Kaftan to attend Davido and Chioma’s wedding: “Fine Gentleman”

  • Ghanaian blogger GH Hyper has apologized to his ardent fans after failing to provide adequate updates on the wedding of Nigerian singer Davido and Chioma.
  • He noted that he had to return to the hotel to change from his shirt to his caftan, hence the delay in updates; However, he added that there would be plenty of updates on the wedding reception later in the evening.
  • Many people shared his concerns and forgave him, while others gushed about how handsome he looked in his caftan.

Famous Ghanaian blogger GH Hyper left many Ghanaians worried when he failed to post updates on Davido and Chioma’s wedding in Lagos, Nigeria on June 25, 2024.

GH Hyper at Davido and Chioma's wedding
GH Hyper at Davido and Chioma’s wedding. Image credit: @ghhyper and @bellanaijaweddings
Source: Instagram

GH Hyper explained the inability to post updates about the wedding

Taking to his Instagram page, GH Hyper posted stunning pictures and explained in the caption why he had not been updating his followers, who were eager to follow Davido and Chioma’s wedding, on his Instagram page.

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He noted that he landed in Lagos at dawn on the same day of the wedding and did not have time to change into his wedding guest attire.

Therefore, he covered the early parts of Chivido 2024 while sporting a t-shirt and even posted a touching video of him greeting Davido in Twi, the dialect spoken by the Asantes of Ghana.

She then noticed that she had to return to the hotel to put on her elegant caftan, which she had planned to wear earlier at the wedding.

Gh Hyper apologized for inadequate coverage of the wedding and said it was addressing event groups to cover the reception.

Below is the title:

#Ghhyperlive Apologies for the inconsistent stream of #Chivido2024 live updates… Had to rush back to my hotel to wear this stunning ensemble, courtesy of fashion designer @derry_onpoint, be prepared for back-to-back updates from the front desk!

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Below are beautiful images of GH Hyper looking elegant in his kaftan at Davido and Chioma’s wedding.

Reactions to GH Hyper’s outfit at Chioma and Davido’s wedding

Many people in the comments section were happy that GH Hyper came out to explain why he didn’t give many updates about Chioma and Davido’s wedding on his Instagram page.

His ardent followers expressed that they had forgiven him and encouraged him to quickly reach the venue and share updates on the remaining activities of the Chivido 2024 wedding.

Others also gushed about how handsome the Ghanaian blogger looked in his kaftan and told him that it would have been better for him to have worn the kaftan instead of the t-shirt to attend the wedding ceremony earlier.

Below are the fan reactions:

akuabadollsmakeovers said:

Sorry, you accepted our only HYPER ❤️

iamesisika said:

You look good, now please hurry up, wait.

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_bigailz_gaise said:

Patiently waiting for more updates

humu_lyps saying:

We were about to cry oh

bbiigg_ddaawwgg said:

This is what you should have worn to greet Davido.

A Ghanaian blogger received an invitation to Davido and Chioma’s wedding and looks excited reported that famous Ghanaian blogger GH Hyper was delighted after receiving his invitation to the wedding of Nigerian musician Davido and his long-time partner, Chioma Rowland.

The blogger took to Instagram to share a photo of the e-invitation he received while on vacation in the United States.

Many Ghanaians were delighted with GH Hyper and noted that they would stay on his page for updates, while others advised him on how to cover the wedding.


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