England have all-time easy route to Euro 2024 despite Slovenia surprise

It may have been a disastrous performance, but England earned an all-time favorable Euro 2024 knockout round tie following their 0-0 draw with Slovenia tonight.

England went into this match knowing that a win would be enough to secure first place in the group, although they could still drop as low as third depending on results elsewhere.

His performance against Slovenia was an absolute surprise. After a poor performance against Serbia and Denmark, Gareth Southgate’s team was expected to respond to the criticism he had received in recent days.

That being said, this was arguably the worst of all.

England were completely toothless in attack and failed to create any outstanding opportunities throughout the match. While they rarely had problems at the back, it always seemed likely that the match would end in a 0-0 draw.

That turned out to be the case. However, as Denmark failed to beat Serbia in the other group of the match, a draw was enough for England to top the group.

That could prove to be a major factor later in the tournament.

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England delivered the easy Euro 2024 draw of all time


England may have had an incredibly disappointing performance so far during Euro 2024, but they could still advance in the tournament due to the lopsided nature of the draw.

Thanks to Austria surprisingly topping Group D, most of the tournament favorites will now play on the same side of the draw.

Countries like France, Portugal, Spain and Germany will play on the same side of the draw. As a result, only one of those teams can reach the finals.

Conveniently, England now find themselves on the opposite side of the calendar. They will be joined by countries such as Austria, Italy and Belgium, as well as possibly the Netherlands (depending on how the third qualifiers develop).

That means England would have an incredibly favorable run until the final, with the four most impressive teams of Euro 2024 on the other side of the draw.

In other words, they wouldn’t have to face any of the most popular teams at Euro 2024 until the final. You can see the current status of support below.

euro 2024 draw

It is not the first time that the English benefit from a draw. The same thing happened in the 2018 World Cup and the 2020 Euro Cup, where they faced very few quality opponents before being eliminated in the semifinals and finals respectively.

Of course, their form in this tournament means it is far from a guarantee that they will make the most of this favorable path. Still, they couldn’t ask for a better setting.

It wouldn’t be a surprise if we were subjected to their terrible style of football at Euro 2024 for a while longer.

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