Lauren Boebert Expected to Win Colorado Congressional District 4 Primary, But It’s Not a Sure Win

One of the most watched races in Colorado and nationally will be the Republican primary in Congressional District 4, the district that Republican Ken Buck represented before he retired in March. Rep. Lauren Boebert is the presumptive favorite in the six-way race, but this is not a sure bet for her.

Representative Lauren Boebert


Boebert abandoned her seat in Congressional District 3, after nearly losing to Democrat Adam Frisch in 2022, to run in CD4, which is the most conservative district in the state.

Nearly half of the district’s voters are in Douglas County, where Republicans are less MAGA and more mainstream.

While there are almost twice as many Republicans as Democrats in the county, Trump only won Douglas County by 7 points in 2020.

But it’s the unaffiliated voters who will likely be the deciding factor. They outnumber Republicans and Democrats in the district and many of them are anti-MAGA.

Meanwhile, Boebert is a staunch Trump devotee and has the former president’s endorsement.

Their biggest threat may be conservative radio talk show host Deborah Flora, who is from Douglas County and has the support of many conservative women. Women consistently outvote men in Colorado.

Among the women backing Flora is Boebert’s 2020 communications director, Laura Carno, a veteran Republican strategist who says Flora is a constitutional conservative who won’t be distracted by the drama or scandals that have come to define Boebert’s term in Congress.

Boebert says she changed districts because she needed a fresh start. On Tuesday, voters will decide whether he gets one.

The race is also attracting national attention. Not only will it decide Boebert’s political future, it will also test whether the MAGA crowd supports all MAGA candidates or just the leading MAGA candidate: Donald Trump.

It will also further define the Colorado Republican Party, determining its fate in a state that Trump lost by 13 points in 2020.

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