New Zealand requires ‘work checks’ for jobseeker aid recipients

“Job control seminars are mandatory, and if someone misses one without good reason, MSD may suspend or reduce payment of their benefits.”

Beneficiaries forced to seek full-time jobs

Among those required are some 20,000 beneficiaries forced to seek full-time employment. It comes as data reveals that only 53,000 of the 190,000 people receiving jobseeker support have employment case managers.

“I am concerned that the other 137,000 job seekers may go many months without speaking to MSD about how they are progressing, and that some may not have to check back until they reapply for their benefit 12 months later,” Upston said.

According to the minister, the new mandate is also a “precursor” to his plan to introduce a new mandatory claim for jobseeker support benefits every six months.

“These interventions will help job seekers get back on their feet quickly. MSD will ensure their profiles and CVs are up to date, offer interview advice and direct them to employment websites and offers for employment or further training,” he said.

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