Barack Obama’s sister Auma tear gassed by police while protesting in Nairobi’s financial district

Former US President Barack Obama’s sister Rita Auma was tear-gassed by police officers while protesting in Nairobi’s Central Business District (CBD) on Tuesday.

During a live interview with cnnAuma narrowly evaded a tear gas canister, forcing her to seek safety with other protesters.

Amid the chaos, Auma was seen engulfed in tear gas smoke as she attempted to continue the interview, but was ultimately overwhelmed by the effects of the gas, forcing her to stop coverage.

She was photographed holding a banner and covering her face with a mask, flanked by a group of protesters.

Screenshot of demonstrations in Nairobi’s financial district on June 18, 2024.

She could then be seen marching through the streets of Nairobi city while protesting against the controversial Finance Bill 2024.

“I am here because of what is happening, you Kenyans are demonstrating for your rights, you are demonstrating with flags and banners,” Auma said before running away as police fired more tear gas canisters at protesters.

“I can’t even see anymore. They tear-gassed me!” she denounced.

While demonstrating in the city centre, Auma accused the government of failing to heed the cries of young Kenyans, who had come out in large numbers to oppose the controversial tax measures.

The development comes amid intense demonstrations inside Nairobi’s CBD, as protesters threaten to storm parliament buildings. However, police officers on high alert intervened by launching tear gas to disperse the protesters and stop their procession towards the Bunge Towers.

Protesters accused police of using excessive force and cited the use of tear gas despite their peaceful anti-tax protests.

“The police in this country are puppets. They are following Ruto’s orders. “We are young and we are tired of this nation,” said one protester.

Protesters run for safety after police officers fired tear gas canisters at them in Nairobi’s financial district on June 18, 2024.

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