Whoopi Goldberg defends Prince William’s ‘dad dancing’

Whoopi Goldberg has defended Prince William’s “dad dancing.”

The daytime TV host argued the royal should be able to enjoy his birthday, after William was roasted online for his “dad dancing” moves at a Taylor Swift concert.

Video posted to TikTok showed William, who celebrated his 42nd birthday that day, energetically waving his arms and shaking his hips to the chorus of Taylor’s Shake It Off, which led some commentators to criticize his dancing ability.

“Some fans were roasting his moves, but my goodness, it’s the guy’s birthday, lighten up!” Whoopi, 68, exclaimed on The View. “It’s the guy’s birthday, let him do what he does!”

Her co-hosts agreed, with Ana Navarro also pointing out the fact William had accompanied two of his children, Prince George, 10 and Princess Charlotte, nine, to the performance.

“I thought it was incredibly sweet. I loved it because he took two of his kids,” Ana, 52, said before adding, “These kids have gone through so much. Their mother is dealing with cancer, their grandfather is dealing with cancer “

William’s wife Catherine, Princess of Wales, and his father, King Charles III, are both currently undergoing treatment for undisclosed forms of cancer.

“That was pure, unadulterated joy for a man whose wife is suffering from cancer,” fellow host Sunny Hostin, 55, added. “Can’t we enjoy that for him? Come on.”

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