States and their innate manipulative behaviors, almost always in the service of capital, are at the center of the current overwhelming incoherence that prevails in the nation-states of the modern world system. For systemic analysts/operators, economic, social and political incoherence has become cowardly unmanageable on a global scale. Of course, this phenomenon may not be visible to the gullible sheep (human mass), but that doesn’t make it any less tolerable, particularly for those sensitive/concerned citizens of the world. Fortunately, there are indications that suggest that the masters of the global order may have finally recognized the comprehensive danger that threatens the world order, which of course is the existing unbalanced globalization.
To this end, the DS (Deep State) has been working overtime to present proposals and actions that may be convincing, both for the privileged inside and the marginalized outside. As this project is still in its infancy, no serious judgment can be made about its potential veracity or sustainability. To remember; Our definition of DS (Deep State) is the amalgamation of the military-intelligence-banking-industrial-media complex. The global economy has been in intensive care since at least the last ‘mini’ credit crisis. We say ‘mini’ because no global fiat currency economic regime has managed to go through a complete credit cycle in the history of humanity/organized civilization, without a social economic collapse. This is obvious because; Within the prerogative of the fake monetary system (fiat monetary regime), value will ultimately be delivered in coins that sport many zeros and no purchasing power! Let’s think about the German Weimar Republic, Zimbabwe, Argentina, etc. or in the words of one of the founders of the ‘Austrian School of Economics’: “There is no way to avoid the final collapse of a boom caused by credit expansion. The only alternative is whether the crisis should come sooner as a result of a voluntary abandonment of further credit expansion, or later as a final and total catastrophe of the monetary system involved. Ludwig von Mises.
Are system bosses leaning toward the Mises-style ‘abandonment of further credit expansion’ project to avoid a sudden global economic demise? Is the current project of contraction of the existing world economy, in various forms, part of this project of “abandonment”? Can the ‘Reset’ project stop the accelerating global collapse? Only time will tell. Meanwhile, printing trillions in a global economy that is physically locked down might not be so inflationary, since the velocity of money (in this case) is effectively zero. In this sense, the current behavior of the five eyes is somewhat revealing, except for the hegemon. The 5Is are the US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. It seems that the 4Is are at it again, reinforcing draconian measures due to the declared pandemic. They are turning to old irrational fear as an effective tool to freeze economies. However, unlike the other 4Is, hegemony is not homogeneous, in more ways than one. Other countries that rely heavily on DS have followed suit. For example, the miserable African countries timidly apply the DS directives, with hardly any debate. Do not forget; the banking component of the DS includes the main banking organizations of the world system; BPI, IMF, WB, ECB, etc. Similarly, the media component of the DS includes Google, Twitter/Facebook, Netflix/Hollywood, etc.
In other parts of the planet, where SD is not deeply rooted, such as Scandinavia, the handling of Covid-19 was based mainly on sound science, rational management and prudent policy. Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands are examples where a responsible and pro-people approach to problem solving was visibly displayed. Tanzania in Africa has also become an exception by applying policies more or less similar to those of the Scandinavians! Belarus was also in this camp until the color revolution hit it in the face, so to speak. Concerned citizens in Germany have also started a movement trying to force the government to create an independent commission of inquiry into the entire lockdown/pandemic episode. The incoherence over the pandemic even within the OECD (rich countries) is so staggering that it defies the very logic and modus operandi of the prevailing empire. When genuine science is visibly undermined by the politicized cadres of the “paid science” community (a good part of academia), including the once prestigious institutions of the Enlightenment, one must suspect that something is really out of sync within the inner workings of the global order. !
Political incoherence, particularly within the hegemon, is likely unprecedented. The White House openly and with abandon confronts the most secretive element of the DS, namely the intelligence community. Major EU countries are also reconsidering the entire union (EU) project (Brexit could just be an omen). European political parties, with aspirations that are in direct conflict with the European project, are coming to the fore, despite the protests of the old guard sitting comfortably in Brussels. Cultural and social incoherence is now a dime a dozen, not only in the US and UK, but also in other parts of Europe! All these inconsistencies need resolutions, acceptable resolutions, otherwise the chaotic collapse will only accelerate! Of course, the operative word now is “Reboot”, but the question still remains; Will the ‘Reset’ project deliver what global cattle crave (health, peace/no wars, ecosystem sustainability, etc.) or will it stick to the old model of serving only the interests of parasitic elites? The future of current civilization is at stake. What follows is an epitome of current political incoherence. Here is the most powerful man on the planet fighting, or rather pleading, with the formidable DS.

This was first published in October 2020.

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