South Africa’s nomad visa comes into force, aimed at foreigners earning more than R1 million

Daniel Garrido/Getty Images

The Department of Home Affairs has again introduced long-awaited changes to its work permit regime to allow the creation of a so-called nomadic visa for remote workers.

The May 20 release of the changes, which had been withdrawn last month after the department failed to comply with a mandatory public comment period, means the changes are now law.

It also seeks to allow people employed and paid by companies elsewhere to live in the country as long as they earn at least R1 million a year.

The visa comes with a short-term tax exemption.

The move, which acts on recommendations made by the president’s office, comes amid criticism from some of the country’s largest foreign-owned employers over their inability to source technicians and executives in the country.

South Africa’s byzantine system means applicants can wait more than a year for a work permit, even though a poor local education system has left companies short of qualified workers.

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